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everyonedeservesto fight

We make it possible for patients in need to access medicines not available in their country. Each one of them is ready to defy time, bureaucracy, and the odds, for their tomorrow.

Let's not allow a price tag to stop them.


Our mission

It's simple. No one should suffer or die if a treatment that could help them exists somewhere.


Novel medicines get approved every day, but they can take years to become widely available. Most of the patients that need them don't have that time. 

Together with the platform, we make it possible for everyone to access medicines that aren't approved or available in their country yet. 

But we can't stop at 'possible'. We also have to make it affordable.


Novel medicines come with a hefty price tag. We cannot allow that to determine who gets a shot at life. Support us in bringing the world's newest medicines to those who deserve them: everyone. 


Because "some" just isn't good enough.

Give someone a shot at life

Your donation can help someone access life-saving and life-improving medicines now, instead of in years.

This is the most direct way to have a positive impact on someone's life. Today.

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