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The 3 problems with medicine access

#1: Medicine approvals are slow

After a medicine is approved somewhere in the world, it can take years before it's available in other countries.

But if you're battling a life-threatening disease, you have no time to waste.  

Screenshot 2023-12-18 at 13.57.23.png

Average time from first global approval to local launch (in months)

Percentage of new medicines launched locally within 1 year of first global approval

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#2: Access is never global

Even if a patient can wait, few novel medicines are launched globally. Ever.


It's  the market reality - some countries are simply less attractive for pharma companies.

But where you live shouldn't determine whether you live.

#3: Few can afford novel treatments

When a patient needs treatment that isn't locally available yet, they have to bear the cost.

Together with the platform, we make accessing novel medicines possible. However, it's not yet accessible. Only 7% of patients who reach out for our help can afford their medicine

Let's remove the price tag from their life.

Novel cancer medicines cost 

EUR  2,500 - 46,564 

per month

Average income in the world ranges from 

EUR  5 - 6,667 

per month

What we're doing about it


We fund medicine access costs

The Foundation raises funds to help patients worldwide afford access to  medicines not (yet) available in their countries. 

Donations directly support treatment costs for patients with life-threatening and time-sensitive diseases such as cancer.  Our focus is on supporting those who cannot afford treatment otherwise, wherever in the world they are based. 


We create awareness

Anyone can access the newest medicines in the world, before they're approved locally.
We know that because we make it possible every day through the platform

But not all patients and doctors know it.
We aim to spread the word, so that no one needs to suffer if a treatment that can help them exists somewhere. Wherever that may be. 


We build partnerships for the future

Raising funds to support medicine access is crucial when a patient needs treatment right now. 

But it's also a short-term solution.
We want to make access to novel medicines easier and more affordable in the long run. This can only happen through dialog and partnerships with corporate and pharmaceutical companies. 

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